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Thursday, June 30, 2011

free future trading tips for today 30m jun 2011

here are the free future trading tips for today

buy orbit corp july future at 39.7-40 target 41.5 sl 39.3
book profit in orbit at 41.2-41.3

buy fortis july future near 160-160.3 target 162.5 sl 161
target acheived in fortis book full profit at 162.5

sell prajind july future near 74.9-75.2 target 73.9 sl 75.6

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

free future tips for this afternoon

here are the free future trading for today afternoon
book in all as market nearing close
buy lichsgfin july future near 235.5-236 sl 234.9 target 238
book profit in lic future at 237.7
buy itc july fture near 199.7-200.2 sl 199.2 target 202.5
book profit in itc at 201
sell apollotyre july future near 77.8-78 sl 78.3 target 77
book profit in apollo near 77.4

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Free stock future tips for afternoon 28 jun 2011

Afternoon free future tips call for 28 jul 2011

buy hcc july future 30.5-30.6 target 31.6 sl 29.9
book intra position at 30.75-30.8
buy gmrinfra july future 33-33.2 target 34 sl 29.7
exit gmr at cost
buy ttml july future at 17.8-17.9 target 18.5 sl 17.5
book profit in ttml future at 18.25 5K+ per lot
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pre Market Future trading tips for 27 jun 2011

Here are the list of free stock future tips today.

Buy jpassociate future near 78-78.3 target 81.5 sl 76.8
Buy Recltd future near 186-187 target 199 sl 182 (Positional)

Sell Jain irrigation future near 160-161 target 154 sl 164

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