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Friday, December 6, 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

My October trading report

     Posting my intraday  trading report for october
Net Profit 19,000
Click On image to make it larger

Sanjay Kumar Tiwari
Chief Mentor

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Client Chat 30 october

i am buy Tata comm @ 250 , & KTK BANK Sell @ 98

2- 3 & badhenga
2% 3 % badhenga 
aisa lag raha tha
but sir what u think 
tata comm & ktk bank
my study is good ?
sanjay kumar tiwari
u are doing good

now ktk bank more down
sanjay kumar tiwari
and again - tata comm going up
now book 1800 + profit
in Ktk bank
sanjay kumar tiwari
now book 2500 profit in TATA COMM
sanjay kumar tiwari
not great me 
u r great sir
thanku so much 
for your strategy
sanjay kumar tiwari
its all your hard work

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Client Chat 28 october

sir I am Short IDEA @ 169.50
current rate 168.80
sanjay kumar tiwari
sir i have not opened terminal yet
if it is going ur way then its good
how do u feel now abt the method
sir method is very good
every day 
i am some good exepriance
and clik in MIND
sanjay kumar tiwari
yes thats great

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Client Chat: First trade of new client

mayur: sir IDEA sl 178 is good
right ?
for buy

sanj1110: yes
mayur: HELLO SIR
your IDEA stock Rocket...... 182 from 178
your IDEA stock Rocket...... 182 from 178
i am buy @ 178.10 & sell @ 181.40
Sent at 2:27 PM on Tuesday
mayur: 1650 profit in first trade
Sent at 2:27 PM on Tuesday
mayur: Sir R u there ?
Sent at 2:29 PM on Tuesday
sanj1110: yes 
congrats for ur first trade
Sent at 2:36 PM on Tuesday

Monday, September 9, 2013

Client feedback online intraday training

Vikram paul
5:29 PM (11 hours ago)
to me
Dear Sanjay Sir,

   Thank you so much for the online course as you know i am from silchar assam and it is very hard for me to travel to delhi or mumbai for some training. I saw your website and decided to go for your course. Believe me or not i have more than 100 gigs of trading related videos with me when i took your course but still i was struggling a lot.   This was my first paid training from anywhere and i am sure it is the last training i will ever do for intraday trading. thank you so much.

With Warm Regards

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Classroom Day Trading class in Delhi on 6th october 2013

Dear All,
  We are conducting day trading class in delhi on 6th october 2013
   For more information Click the following link


Friday, August 16, 2013

Intraday trading report 12-16 August

My weekly  trading report
Number of days : 4
Starting capital : Rs 317641
Last Capital : Rs 335253
Profit: Rs 17612
Average profit: 4402
Click on the image to enlarge


Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Client Chat 8th August

amit: hi
sanj1110: hello
amit: Ranbaxy following the method sud i buy at 320
sanj1110: yes definetely
amit: sir tata motors is weak as per method sud i sell at 284 
sanj1110: yes looks a good sell
amit: sir covered tatamotors at 280.5
sanj1110: great..congrats.. ranbaxy not doing bad either 
amit: sir covered rabaxy at 334
sanj1110: nice u picked up very early..congrats
amit: thanks to you sir

Friday, August 2, 2013

client chat 2nd august

sanj1110: hmm
sold tech mahindra
sanj1110: 1
Sent at 10:52 AM on Friday
Puran: OK
Sent at 10:52 AM on Friday
sanj1110: buy rcom
Sent at 10:56 AM on Friday
sanj1110: i got in at 132.4
sold at 134.4
Puran: OK

sanj1110: covered tech m at 1220 

client chat 2nd august

Manish: bankofbaroda short at 498.77
sanj1110: yes its at short level
Sent at 1:10 PM on Friday
Manish: canbank short at 255.20
Manish: hindalco short at 87.51
Manish: also canb is down
sanj1110: yesa
Manish: k
Sent at 1:36 PM on Friday
sanj1110: gaya sab

Manish: yes sir
sanj1110:canbk hit 238 bankbaroda hit 486 hindalco hit 85.1

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New client personal intraday training

Manish: lupin short at 851.62
sanj1110: hmm
sanj1110: the break down level is near 221
Sent at 1:15 PM on Tuesday
Manish: can we adjust ressistance level in bajaj auto for short selloing
Sent at 1:21 PM on Tuesday
Manish: can we short bajaj auto at level 1952.71
sanj1110: 56-58 looka a level to short
Manish: jswsteel short at 540.94
sanj1110: 8 rs gir gaya
Manish: bhartiartl make a short sell and target acheived
sanj1110: good
sanj1110: everythin went like predicted
Manish: yes

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Email from an experienced trader friend who bought full self learning material

Raja Gopinath
9:47 PM (8 hours ago)
to me
Dear Sanjayji,

I have read your methods.Thank you for your research and wish you will find many more accurate methods.Awaiting your mail for further new developed methods.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

An Email With Love

Dear Sanjay Sir,
You may not know me well but last week i bought self study intraday material from you last week. I have been following your website for last one year now but because of high fees i never dared to join the course. My trading capital has got wipes out in some years and now i only put very less amount in my trading.
I was hoping that someday you will offer some discount like this i even sent u an email regarding paying the installments in 5000 .
Anyways its only 5 days and i can already feel the simplicity of the method .i have started making right predictions now and feel that i am much ahead in these 4 days itself. Thanks for the self learning course

With Best Regards
Gaurav Singh

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Client speak 25th June

kapil: good evening sajayji
kapil is online.
Sanjay: hello sir kya haal chal?
kapil: badhiya hain aaj maine powergrid me trade kiya
Sanjay: kya kiye aaj good girta hi raha
kapil: yae yes
Sanjay: ntpc ka bhi haal tha
kapil writ 106 sell tha powergrid
Sanjay: badhiya kitne bane aaj?
kapil: 15000
Sanjay: great mujhe khushi hai aap method ache se use kar parahe hai
kapil: thanks

2nd day trading after learning intraday method 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My last two weeks day trading report

Hello ,
   Since i am getting some time to trade nowadays. Sharing my two weeks report
Starting Capital :     93653
last Capital:  110045
Profit : 16392
Number of days : 10
Percentage of profit :17.5
Click on the image to enlarge

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Classroom training on intraday method in Delhi

Dear All,
    Register for classroom training on 30th June 2013 to be held in New Delhi.

   * Trading method Explaination
       * What stocks to trade
       * Finding out strength and weakness in a stocks
       * Finding the right place of entry in  the stock
       * Finding the target
       * How to manage money with the method.
       * What not to do in the market
       * Tea
       * Q&A Session
Click Here for Bank Account Details
Limited Seats available so book your seat now.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Market Champ Call performance March-April

Market champ performance 16-March to 16th April

Performance Of Market Champion Calls

First Entry
Second Entry
First Exit
Second Exit
Profit(1 lot)
Future buy with put
BUYFuture 218 and 220 put 10---230 future
and 4 put
with put
BUYFuture 2220 and 2200 put 57---2350 future
and 30 put
Sell future and sell put
SELLfuture 1305 and 1250 put 25---future
put 33


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Client Chat 15th Jan

pralhad: Good evening Mr. Sanjay- Today was wonderful trading day. Sensex crossed 20,000 mark- but later came down slightly.
pralhad is online.
Sanjay: yes
how was the day
idea blast like nything
pralhad: Today I traded mainly in Yes Bank Future- profit 8,220/-. Bharati Airtel-profit of around Rs. 5,000/- ICICI bk- 900/- Idea - around Rs. 3000/- Total bumber profit of around R. 17.000/-.
Sanjay: thats very nice
i will show this expiry summary in profit
keep it like that
very nice
Sent at 3:41 PM on Tuesday
pralhad: Thanks a lot - All ur blessings - With regards- bibi
Sent at 3:43 PM on Tuesday

Monday, January 14, 2013

Client Chat

14th Jan 2013
pralhad: Good evening Mr. Sanjay - Today the market was very good. I traded in Bank of India, Union Bank of India, DLF, HCLtech, Infosys
Sanjay: ok
pralhad: Today I have booked profit of around Rs. 9,000/-.
Sanjay: thats very nice

Saturday, January 12, 2013

market champ calls performance

Dear All,
our market champ course performance can be seen at moneycontrol with the following profile link


Client Chat

11th JAN
15:42 pralhad: Good evning Mr. Sanjay- Thi i Pralhad reporting to u -
15:43 me: yes sir
15:45 pralhad: Today was a wonderful and profitable day after a long time- I booked total profit of Rs. 12,000/- in one cript - Wipro future and around R. 3,000/- in cash transaction. Total Rs. 15,000/- . I have seen this after a long time- Thank to u.
 me: great
  i am very happy for u
 pralhad: all ur blesings sir-
15:46 me: its all ur hard work

9Th Jan
pralhad: Good evening Mr. Sanjay- Sangamkar is reporting to u
 me: hello sir how was the day
15:32 pralhad: U might have seen the market was highly volatile - swinging from negative to positiv periodically.
 me: yes
15:34 pralhad: Today I could trade in future - Havels and Tata Motors- and made a profit of around Rs. 5000/-, I think considering the market conditions, the result was o.k.
 me: yes very good
15:35 pralhad: The credit goes to my Guru - i.e. you. I am strictly following ur instructions while trading. So that I do not get into trouble.
 me: nice