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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New client personal intraday training

Manish: lupin short at 851.62
sanj1110: hmm
sanj1110: the break down level is near 221
Sent at 1:15 PM on Tuesday
Manish: can we adjust ressistance level in bajaj auto for short selloing
Sent at 1:21 PM on Tuesday
Manish: can we short bajaj auto at level 1952.71
sanj1110: 56-58 looka a level to short
Manish: jswsteel short at 540.94
sanj1110: 8 rs gir gaya
Manish: bhartiartl make a short sell and target acheived
sanj1110: good
sanj1110: everythin went like predicted
Manish: yes

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