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Monday, March 31, 2014

Client chat 31st march 2014

Sathish:  hello sir
good evening
 me:  hello
 Sathish:  today i did only one trade
 me:  cool
i also did same
 Sathish:  made a profit of Rs 10500/-
closed the terminal
 me:  lol
 Sathish:  bought @ 66.20
sold @ 67.50
 me:  i bought at 70 and sold at 72
 Sathish:  that was cool sir
i also found other opportunities in
mcleod russel
but was very hesitant to take other trades
 me:  hindalco was like sure shot trade for buy
i also shorted and earned some money in psu banks
 Sathish:  i saw the opportunity around 133
that s great opportunity

Friday, March 21, 2014

Success cant be spelled without 'U'

Dear Readers,
     We have added 30 new students to our intraday method(Jan-March 2014) from all over india.
Here are few responses from our clients

"The concept and method is brilliant"
Viswanathan , Trader since 8 years, Coimbatore

"Every word of what you have said about your course in your intraday page is true. Thank you"
Vikas , Trader since 5 years, Indore

"i have left reading and working with technical analysis for intraday after your course"
Paresh , Trader since 7 years, Ahemdabad.

"in market for last 5 years and didn't notice these simple things. I may have not observed these for another 5 years. Thank you"
Malay , Trader since 5 years, Hyderabad.

"Thank you for all the info i have been missing all these years"
Sathish Kumar , Trader since 4 years, Tamil nadu

and many more like these.

Thank you for providing us with such an overwhelming response which motivates us everyday to keep helping traders like them