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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Client Chat

(12:18:56 PM) sanj1110: did u cover ofss
(12:18:57 PM) sanj1110: ?
 (12:20:14 PM) chhajedpuran: YES 2862 SEPT SERIES TODAY
(12:20:57 PM) sanj1110: what rate u sell
(12:20:57 PM) sanj1110: ?

(12:22:05 PM) chhajedpuran: 2980 IN AUG SERIES THAN ROLL OVER TO SEPT
(12:22:43 PM) sanj1110: how much profit there?

(12:27:19 PM) chhajedpuran: 118 less 20 roll  over cost diff net net 98 i.e  12250 in one lot
(12:27:48 PM) sanj1110: ok

ALSO tech mahindra hit 783 we were short from near 860 levels...this example is from market champ course

Friday, August 17, 2012

People say market champ is expensive..see how u can trade with that

Excrepts from client chat

(11:50:42 AM) chhajedpuran: did shorted tech m@n which series aug or sep
(11:50:52 AM) sanj1110: `aug
(11:51:22 AM) chhajedpuran: at what rate
(11:51:40 AM) sanj1110: 856
(11:52:08 AM) chhajedpuran: ok now i am shorting
(11:52:20 AM) sanj1110: ok
(12:01:07 PM) chhajedpuran: gone 858

(12:05:53 PM) sanj1110: i also sold mcdowell  at 950
(12:07:07 PM) chhajedpuran: sir urs pakad ( perfections ) OVER charts is  so majboot ( STONG ) u told this figure when trcm was @ 833    it could have bought that levels n now cold have doubble sold
(12:07:17 PM) chhajedpuran: good
(12:13:02 PM) chhajedpuran: sir i have to go out by at1pm at what amount we have to cover so i can put order
(12:13:27 PM) sanj1110: i dont think we will be able to cover todAY
(12:13:36 PM) sanj1110: but if u want u can put 835
(12:14:19 PM) chhajedpuran: ok i was also thinking same amount
(1:03:17 PM) sanj1110: cover tataglobal sold at 137.5 at 135.5
(1:14:05 PM) sanj1110: covered mcdowell at 933

Happy Trading and Happy weekend