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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Client Chat 15th Jan

pralhad: Good evening Mr. Sanjay- Today was wonderful trading day. Sensex crossed 20,000 mark- but later came down slightly.
pralhad is online.
Sanjay: yes
how was the day
idea blast like nything
pralhad: Today I traded mainly in Yes Bank Future- profit 8,220/-. Bharati Airtel-profit of around Rs. 5,000/- ICICI bk- 900/- Idea - around Rs. 3000/- Total bumber profit of around R. 17.000/-.
Sanjay: thats very nice
i will show this expiry summary in profit
keep it like that
very nice
Sent at 3:41 PM on Tuesday
pralhad: Thanks a lot - All ur blessings - With regards- bibi
Sent at 3:43 PM on Tuesday

Monday, January 14, 2013

Client Chat

14th Jan 2013
pralhad: Good evening Mr. Sanjay - Today the market was very good. I traded in Bank of India, Union Bank of India, DLF, HCLtech, Infosys
Sanjay: ok
pralhad: Today I have booked profit of around Rs. 9,000/-.
Sanjay: thats very nice

Saturday, January 12, 2013

market champ calls performance

Dear All,
our market champ course performance can be seen at moneycontrol with the following profile link


Client Chat

11th JAN
15:42 pralhad: Good evning Mr. Sanjay- Thi i Pralhad reporting to u -
15:43 me: yes sir
15:45 pralhad: Today was a wonderful and profitable day after a long time- I booked total profit of Rs. 12,000/- in one cript - Wipro future and around R. 3,000/- in cash transaction. Total Rs. 15,000/- . I have seen this after a long time- Thank to u.
 me: great
  i am very happy for u
 pralhad: all ur blesings sir-
15:46 me: its all ur hard work

9Th Jan
pralhad: Good evening Mr. Sanjay- Sangamkar is reporting to u
 me: hello sir how was the day
15:32 pralhad: U might have seen the market was highly volatile - swinging from negative to positiv periodically.
 me: yes
15:34 pralhad: Today I could trade in future - Havels and Tata Motors- and made a profit of around Rs. 5000/-, I think considering the market conditions, the result was o.k.
 me: yes very good
15:35 pralhad: The credit goes to my Guru - i.e. you. I am strictly following ur instructions while trading. So that I do not get into trouble.
 me: nice