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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Client Chat

11th JAN
15:42 pralhad: Good evning Mr. Sanjay- Thi i Pralhad reporting to u -
15:43 me: yes sir
15:45 pralhad: Today was a wonderful and profitable day after a long time- I booked total profit of Rs. 12,000/- in one cript - Wipro future and around R. 3,000/- in cash transaction. Total Rs. 15,000/- . I have seen this after a long time- Thank to u.
 me: great
  i am very happy for u
 pralhad: all ur blesings sir-
15:46 me: its all ur hard work

9Th Jan
pralhad: Good evening Mr. Sanjay- Sangamkar is reporting to u
 me: hello sir how was the day
15:32 pralhad: U might have seen the market was highly volatile - swinging from negative to positiv periodically.
 me: yes
15:34 pralhad: Today I could trade in future - Havels and Tata Motors- and made a profit of around Rs. 5000/-, I think considering the market conditions, the result was o.k.
 me: yes very good
15:35 pralhad: The credit goes to my Guru - i.e. you. I am strictly following ur instructions while trading. So that I do not get into trouble.
 me: nice

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