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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Performance for september

Dear all,
Its again time to assess the method for this month.
We clocked greater than 32k in less than 15 calls which is less than the number of trading days in the month. All calls were intraday and was not more than 1 hour duration of trading and only 1 hit stop loss.
Do understand that apart from these calls we get 4-5 times more opportunity on any given day.
All the calls given in the month were buy calls and market went down all along the month. Still we managed to clock good returns.
At last i would like to thank you all for making the blog successful and would love to hear from you.
Any suggestions, comments, appreciation, criticism, doubts about the method are welcome.

Hoping to teach you this very soon.

Mail us at or call at the number on website to let us no your feedback.

Success can not be spelled without 'u'.

Sanjay kumar Tiwari
Chief Mentor and Strategist

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